Profender for cats side effects

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Anyone who has ever tried to give a recalcitrant cat a pill for any reason has wished for an alternative to the physical risks of shoving a worm pill down the throat of an animated, armed and annoyed cat. Profender is a topical medication to help treat several common cat worms. However, with any medication, Profender has the potential for side effects, especially when given incorrectly.

Incorrect Delivery Techniques

The most serious side effects occur if Profender is given orally instead of topically. This would most likely occur in cases where a pet owner either was not told that the drug is a topical drug or in cases of a pet owner failing to read the application instructions. However, in some cases, a cat who licks the application site may suffer more severe side effects than a cat who does not.

Behavioural Side Effects

A few behavioural side effects can occur after Profender is applied. A few cats become agitated and nervous after the application of this drug. In other cases, Profender can cause a cat to become lethargic. Some cats will lick or groom excessively. Other cats may scratch at the site where the drug was applied. In general, the scratching is not a big concern. However, the licking and grooming can cause a cat to ingest the drug to the point that it may experience physical side effects.

Physical Side Effects

The physical side effects of Profender include hair loss and excessive salivation. In some cases, you may notice eye and respiratory irritation. In rare cases, the drug can trigger vomiting and diarrhoea. In yet other cases, you may see a cat with shaking and tremors because of this drug. All of the physical side effects are a direct result of the cat ingesting the drug, a label contraindication.

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