Hand-Painted Wooden Spoon Crafts

Updated November 21, 2016

Sometimes the simplest items can be the basis for the most clever craft projects. One such item is the wooden spoon. The shape of a wooden spoon lends itself to many possibilities; the wood is ready to decorate because it is smooth and sanded, and since glue and paint easily adhere to wood, there are many decoration possibilities.

Painting Spoons

Used spoons should be scrubbed well with a cellulose scrubbing sponge to remove any residue or oil that might remain. New or used spoons will benefit from a light sanding with a fine-grain sandpaper. Many different paints adhere to wood, including tempera, acrylic craft paints, spray paint or even leftover house paint. You can use craft paintbrushes or sponge paintbrushes. To begin, apply a base coat over the whole spoon. You may need to use several coats because the wood will initially absorb the paint. Allow one coat to dry before applying the next coat. After the base coat dries, you can apply decorative details, embellishments or d├ęcoupage. Varnish them or spray the spoon with a sealer, if desired, in order to preserve the designs.

Kitchen Decor

Use your painted wooden spoons as decorative accents for your kitchen. Smaller spoons can be converted into cabinet handles by putting a small block beneath them as a spacer and screwing straight through the spoon into the cabinet's face. Alternatively, paint one letter on each spoon and hang them on the wall to spell out a welcoming message for your visitors. Apply magnets to the backs of spoons to decorate your refrigerator, or use a long spoon as a rod from which you can hang herbs, utensils or a dish towel. Leave some spoons on your cookbook shelf to use as bookmarks. Write the names of your herbs or house plants on the rounded end of the spoon and push the stick into the dirt to create plant markers.

Kids Crafts

When the rounded end of a spoon is decorated with a face and fabric is wrapped around the stick, kids will have a small spoon puppet to play with. Put a spoon doll together by using a large spoon for the head and body, and tying on smaller spoons as hands and legs. Let kids decorate spoon bugs by wrapping pipe cleaners around the stick as legs and decorating the spoon with a face on the rounded end, or by gluing on paper wings.

Holiday Decor

Make miniature signs out of your spoons that welcome guests for the holiday by using the rounded side of the spoon as a sign post. Hot glue small, flat pieces of wood across it, such as large craft sticks or a lightweight balsa wood square. Write messages on the flat pieces. Poke the spoon handle into the dirt or a flowerpot near the front walk so that the message faces incoming visitors. For Halloween, paint the rounded end of spoons into miniature pumpkins and hang them from an awning or poke them in your flower pots. For Christmas, decorate short-handled spoons as ornaments for your Christmas tree. Cut out paper petals and glue them around the round part of the spoon to make spring flowers for Easter, then push the stick into a flowerpot full of jelly beans for a table centrepiece candy bowl.

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