Things to Do on Your 15th Birthday

Written by cherrine banks | 13/05/2017
Things to Do on Your 15th Birthday
Attend a sports event for your 15th birthday. (Jupiterimages/Pixland/Getty Images)

When celebrating your 15th birthday, choose a group of friends for the occasion. Decide on different activities besides dinner and a movie. You can choose from daytime to nighttime activities, such as bowling. Some birthday activities require prior planning because you might need tickets. Keep this in mind when celebrating your 15th birthday.


Plan to attend a sports events. If you have the funds, go to a professional game. Otherwise, go to a town recreation game. Some sports events include soccer, softball, baseball, football and hockey. Decide how many friends to take with you. Purchase a team T-shirt and a team cap during the event to remember the experience.

Family Concert

If music appeals to you, go with your friends to a concert. Search local schools, churches or community centres for upcoming performances. Alternatively, find concert information from city newspapers, friends and online concert ticket brokers. Find out who will be performing at the concert, such as younger music performers. Some of these concerts might occur during the day.

Flea Market Scavenger Hunt

Have a scavenger hunt inside a flea market with friends. Plan to go in the early morning. Make a list for each guest. The list should include the guest's name, items to purchase and a time limit. Specific flea market finds include T-shirts, jeans, costume earrings, cups and music CDs. Make the scavenger hunt into a contest.

Relay Races

Enjoy relay races with a group of friends so you can engage in an outdoor activity. Choose a neighbourhood park for the race. Create homemade uniforms for each person. Hand out prizes, such as first and second place awards. Have a backup plan for bad weather. If it rains, you can go to the movies.

Birthday Gathering

When you have a small group of friends, have a home party. Choose a theme, such as action-movie night. Rent a set of movies from a video store. Plan to order food, which can include pizza and barbecue chicken wings. Other small group activities for your birthday gathering include going ice skating, fishing and bowling.

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