Spy Kits for Kids

Updated April 17, 2017

Kids love the intrigue and mystery of spy games and every good secret agent needs their own spy gadget supplier. But don't worry about fancy "James Bond" style equipment, you can create a spy kit from household materials and a few simple props. Keep youngsters entertained all day with a homemade spy kit that will allow them to carry out their own secret spy missions.


Kids love dressing up, and the first thing any good spy needs is a disguise. Provide each child with a kit bag of old, mismatched clothes, add in an inexpensive false moustache or fake glasses from a joke shop, and most importantly a hat, or old fancy dress wig will complete their transformation from child to super sleuth.

Invisible Ink

All spies need to be able to send and read secret messages. Give your young agents a kit for writing and reading invisible ink messages. They will need a bottle of lemon juice, a saucer, a paint brush and paper. All they need to do is pour the juice into the saucer, dip the brush in and write their message. When they want to reveal a lemon juice message, they just need to heat it up. Supervise them as they hold their secret message next to a hot light bulb or use a hairdryer on a hot setting to heat the paper and reveal the invisible letters.

Book Safe

Spies need a place to hide their secrets and keep them safe from enemy eyes. Make this simple kit from an old, thick, hardback book to give to your junior Bond. Open the book near the beginning, but not at the very front. Draw a rectangle in the centre of the right hand page, leaving a border 1 to 2 inches wide all the way around. Use a craft knife to cut out the rectangle through several pages. Keep going until you've create a hollow big enough to hide small objects. Put in a tiny notebook and pencil before giving it to your spy.

Document Bag

Spies need a secure bag to carry important secret documents. Use a plain manila folder, and cover it with "keep out", "top secret" and "private" stickers. Insert blank paper, a local map and fake ID. Create the fake ID by printing out a false name, address and date of birth onto a sheet of paper and gluing it onto a blank post card under a passport-sized photo of the "spy".

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