How to Fix a Curled Cover Page of a Paperback Book

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When in the mood for reading, individuals often reach for a paperback book because they're lightweight, portable and affordable. However, paperback-covered books can also become damaged easily. As you read through the book and bend the cover continually over the back of the book, it can start to curl.

When the cover of your paperback book begins to curl, it's important to learn the proper way to store the book to ensure the cover straightens out once again.

Close the book, make sure no pages are folded or creased.

Position the book on a shelf or table. Place the book between two hardcover books.

Lay the books flat so that the covers are facing down. This allows gravity to act on the book cover. When storing your paperback book on its own, store the book in this manner every time you are finished reading it and the cover will continue to straighten back out.