Ideas for a 5-year-old's birthday cake

Updated February 21, 2017

A birthday cake can be the highlight of a five-year-old's birthday party. While you can buy a cake with your child's favourite action figure, superhero or princess character on it, you can also create your own cake and use your imagination to design it in a creative shape. While you'll spend more time, you might save some money by making the cake yourself.

Train Cake

Make a cake that doesn't require baking by purchasing a number of chocolate mini-rolls or chocolate-covered, cream-filled sponge cakes. Line up the rolls to form the length of the train, considering each roll as a train car. Set sandwich cream cookies next to the rolls as wheels, and stack three or four chocolate-covered caramel candies on the front top of each roll for the train funnels or stacks. Line the train dessert up on a large table, and stick a candle in front of the funnel on the first car. After singing happy birthday and blowing out the candle, give the first car to the birthday boy and give the additional cars to his guests.


Another nontraditional idea lets kids get in on the fun of the birthday cake making by allowing them to decorate their own cupcakes. Bake enough cupcakes for the guests coming to the party. Make one larger cake for your child, using a small cake pan so the cake is noticeably larger than the cupcakes but not so big that the child has a cake far too large for him to eat. Mix together four or five different colours of frosting, and spread them on the cupcakes. Decorate your child's small cake in his favourite colour. Pour a number of different toppings such as sprinkles, candies, gummy worms, crushed sandwich cookies and jelly beans into individual bowls, and allow guests to decorate their cupcakes with the toppings of their choice. Spell out "Happy Birthday" and your child's name on her cake with her favourite topping. Let her add additional toppings to her cake as desired.

Building Blocks Cake

If your child loves stacking, constructing and playing with building blocks, he'll love a birthday cake that looks just like large building blocks Make your own cake, or use a boxed cake mix and bake as instructed. Buy or mix your own vanilla frosting. Mix up different colours of frosting like yellow, red, blue and some plain white. Cut baked, cooled cake into squares and rectangles, and frost them in various colours. Cut large marshmallows in half, frost them in the same colour as the cake pieces and place them on top of the cake pieces to complete the building blocks look.

Princess Crown Cake

Rather than just putting princess figurines on top of a cake, turn the cake into a princess crown with a cutout cookie design and colourful gel candies. Mix up or use prepared cookie dough, and roll it flat to 1/4-in. thickness on a lightly floured surface. Cut the attached crown design template out, trace it on to cardboard and use it as a guide for cutting cookie dough of the same shape. Prepare and bake the cake. Bake the cookie dough, and allow both items to cool completely. Frost the cake, and decorate the cookie pieces with white frosting lines around the edges and brightly coloured gummy candies for jewels. Press the cookies up against the edge of the cake all around it so it looks like a crown when finished.

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