Skeleton games for children

Updated March 23, 2017

Children can incorporate skeleton games into their pastime activities, Halloween parties or science projects. If children want to learn about human anatomy, there are Web games that can help them learn the bones of the body. There are also skeleton puzzles, board games and outdoor activities geared towards children. While skeletons resonate with Halloween, children can play both educative and silly skeleton games all year 'round.


If you are looking for skeleton games for children, you can look on the Internet for different game websites. The Enchanted Learning website, for example, has Halloween crafts, quizzes and activities with a skeleton theme. Kids can do a bone word puzzle, a bone definition worksheet or a connect-the-dots skull maze. On the ABCya website, kids can learn which bones are which by labelling a skeleton in an interactive game.

Halloween Activities

One activity that children can do on Halloween is a skeleton scavenger hunt. Purchase a large paper skeleton at a Halloween store and trace it onto a piece of tracing paper. Cut out the tracing-paper skeleton and then cut the skeleton's bones into pieces. Make sure to cut the skeleton apart at the joints. Take the paper bone pieces of the skeleton and hide them around the yard. Kids can try to find the missing bones and piece the skeleton back together.

Another game is a Halloween hoop-toss. You will want to purchase a plastic skeleton (it can be glow-in-the-dark) from a Halloween store. Set up the skeleton upright about six to eight feet away from the kids. Have each child take turns tossing a plastic hoop over the skeleton's head. You can find plastic hoops at a toy store.

Board Games and Puzzles

Gather children together at a table and set up a skeleton-themed board game. There are different options on the market of what you can choose from. One option is the game "Skeletons in the Closet." In this two-to-four player game, players must see who can be the first to assemble a skeleton in the closet. Another option is to have kids build a Skeleton Floor Puzzle. Kids can learn the formal and common names for bones as they piece together the puzzle bone-by-bone.

Game Books

You can find ideas for skeleton games and activities in kids' books. For example, Stephen Cumbaa's "The Bones Book and Skeleton" includes a variety of skeleton facts, projects and experiments. Kids can explore these activities to help them understand how the human bodywork. Another book is Jean Marzollo's "I Spy a Skeleton." This book can help children learn to read while they hunt for skeleton-related clues and pictures.

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