The Best Bedbug Sprays

Updated April 17, 2017

Bedbugs are insects that live and feed in and around beds. They feed on the blood of warm-blooded animals, including humans. Unlike ticks, bedbugs do not transmit illnesses, but their bites may become itchy and red. To guard yourself against this scourge, purchase effective bedbug sprays and apply them to mattresses and other furniture.

Steri-Fab Bedbug Spray

Steri-Fab Bedbug Spray is a product that is popular with professional exterminators. It is effective, and homeowners who use it on their beds and other furniture are assured of getting good results. One advantage of this is that it is registered with the EPA as an effective bedbug spray. It destroys bedbugs on contact, as well as mildew, bedbug eggs, fungus and mould. The spray is fast-drying and does not have any residual effects.

Pronto Kill Bedbugs Spray

Pronto Kill Bedbugs Spray is a best seller. The spray is cost-effective, as well as efficient at warding off any potential bedbug infestations. This product guarantees to kill bedbugs on contact, and it will not stain any surfaces or fabrics that are water-safe. This spray is easy to use, just spray it into places where bedbugs hide, such as walls, headboards, crevices, cracks and floorboards.

JT Eaton 208W6Z Bedbug Spray

JT Eaton's bedbug spray is a preventive bedbug spray ideal for use on mattresses and luggage. This makes JT Eaton Bedbug Spray not only effective for home use, but also for travelling. Before heading home from a destination, spray this product on luggage to prevent bedbugs, ticks, fleas and cockroaches from being transported home with you.

Bed Bug Bully

Bed Bug Bully is a natural formula bedbug-killing spray. It also has a dual purpose: it kills off bedbugs and dust mites while also cleaning upholstered surfaces and fabrics. This formula works to penetrate the exoskeleton of bedbugs, suffocating and dehydrating the insect within minutes.

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