Uses for Velcro

Updated November 21, 2016

Velcro is the trademark name of many products and is the name of a collection of companies. However, the word "Velcro" is widely used to refer to a hook-and-loop fastener that secures numerous things together. Crafts, shoes, clothes or nameplates can use Velcro. You can find Velcro in home improvement stores, convenience stores, craft stores and office supply stores.

Home Uses

People can use Velcro to help decorate the home. Rather than using nails to attach interior decorative trim, you can use the low-profile hook-and-loop tape to hang the trim. The low profile product will assure the trim does not stick out. People who do not sew can opt for Velcro to help hand rectangle or square pieces of material against windows to create curtains or valances. Use heavy-duty strength Velcro to hang lightweight artwork or picture frames to the wall. In addition, attach fire alarms and carbon monoxide detectors to the ceiling or wall through the home.

Outdoor Uses

People can opt for Velcro's Extreme product line to affix things to concrete or brick outside. Secure your house numbers to the outside with Velcro that can adhere to rough and tough surfaces. Place a small strip of Velcro on the bottom of potted plants or outdoor statues to keep items in place, especially during windy weather. In addition, you can attach small mailbox outside your front door with the hook-and-loop product.

Clothing Uses

Velcro works well on a variety of clothing. It can help stubborn jackets or shirts that frequently open stay closed. You can make a temporary baby bib and fasten the bib with Velcro. Some people who have a problem with zippers can substitute Velcro for zippers. In addition, lightweight low-profile Velcro can temporarily fix a falling hem in a skirt, a pair of trousers or sleeves.

Miscellaneous Uses

Whether you plan to display something on the refrigerator, in the car or the classroom, Velcro offers numerous solutions. Display children's papers, projects, notes or report cards to the refrigerator with Velcro rather than magnets. Attach first aid kits inside an automobile. In addition, you can place battery-powered lights in crawl spaces or areas that need lighting.

Craft Uses

A variety of crafts can work with hook-and-loop fasteners. Crafters can create homemade greeting cards and close with "Velcro." Another item to keep closed with "Velcro" is a scrapbook. In addition, people can attach embellishments to the scrapbook cover. People who create floral or plant decoration may use "Velcro" as a tie to keep the item together.

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