Signs of a Nagging Girlfriend

Updated February 21, 2017

Web MD defines nagging as "persistent comments that cross the line from gentle reminders into offensive and angry remarks." Nagging can be a male and female problem. There are several signs that your girlfriend may be nagging. There are several steps that she can take to avoid becoming a nagging girlfriend or to stop being a nagging girlfriend.

Unfair Criticism

Nobody is perfect and sometimes people deserve criticism for their actions. However, if you are receiving criticism constantly and unfairly, you may have a nagging girlfriend. For example, you take out the garbage the second time she asks you. When you get back in the house, she doesn't thank you for taking out the garbage, but criticises you for not taking it out sooner. Or you go to the store to buy her toilet paper and you bring back a cheaper brand. Instead of thanking you for saving money, she complains that you didn't get the right brand.

Personal Insults

Everybody gets a little frustrated with their significant other from time to time. However, if frustration turns into personal insults, your girlfriend may be nagging. For example, if your girlfriend insultingly tells you that you need to go to the gym she may be frustrated that you seem to have little energy or desire to do chores or simply insulting you for gaining a little weight. She may also insult the stuff you do openly. For example, if you wash the dishes she may say that they "look awful" or that you "have no idea how to wash dishes." Even if you did the dishes poorly a personal insult is still a sign of nagging.

No More Conversation

Pay attention to the types of conversations you have with your girlfriend. A non-nagging girlfriend will discuss her day, personal feelings, jokes and may even make loving and supporting comments. If you have a nagging girlfriend, you will find that your conversations have become nothing but discussions of things you have to do. She'll remind you to pick up meat at the store, tell you snow needs to be shovelled, ask you to pick up a friend from home or any number of things. You no longer have loving and meaningful conversations with her. This condition is likely to be just as much your fault as it is hers but it still serves as a sign of a nagging girlfriend.

Ways to Fix

Nagging is not caused by one person. It is a breakdown in communication caused by one person's frustration. Your girlfriend may believe that the only way she can communicate with you is through consistent, angry reminders. The Health Guidance website states that communicating with your girlfriend about her nagging can help find the bigger issue behind the nagging. Let her know that her nagging has become a problem. Take steps to stop the behaviours that cause her nagging. She can then take steps to stop her nagging, such as carefully picking her battles, reminding herself not to nag and simply engaging you in a more communicative and loving fashion.

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