Hair salon window display ideas

Updated March 23, 2017

An effective window display can attract potential customers to a business and possibly draw their attention inside the establishment. For hair salons, creating a noteworthy window display requires salon owners to identify their specific clientele as women, children, young adults or the elderly. Once a hair salon understands its target audience, it can tailor window displays to spark the interest of possible clients.

Salon and Spa

For a salon and spa, create a window display that capitalises on the relaxing nature of a spa. Potential window displays include Japanese Zen influences such as a small water fountain, bamboo reeds, table-sized rock gardens and minimalist decor elements. The peaceful ambience that comes from a Japanese Zen atmosphere can attract clients who want their experience at a hair salon to be rejuvenating and relaxing.

Barbershop Window Front

When decorating a barbershop window front, the most recognisable and traditional piece of decor is the barber pole. The barber pole was introduced during an era where barbers were also responsible for bloodletting. The design of the barber pole is based on two spiral ribbons. Each ribbon is meant to represent two bandages --- one is the bandage tied around an arm before drawing blood and the other is the bandage used to protect the wound afterward. In addition to the barber pole, attract male clients with the store's logo on the outside window. Consider having a unique aspect to your business such as free popcorn or peanuts while getting a haircut or shave and advertise this on the window front as well.

Children's Hair Salon

Attract children to a hair salon specifically geared toward them with a youthful window display. Infuse childlike decor in the entire window. For example, cover the floor of the window with brightly coloured plastic balls. Place a variety of toys for both boys and girls in the window. Add a candy-dispensing machine, such as a gumball machine, in the middle of the window front and allow children to get a gumball after their haircut.

Beauty School Salons

For beauty school window fronts, it is essential to create a sense of trust with potential clients because the stylists are students. Complete this process by featuring large photographs, of at least 3 feet high, of students and instructors working on a client. Feature photographs that highlight the different options at the salon including colour, cut and styling. Hang these photos from the ceiling at varying lengths.

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