Good Excuses for Getting Out of Work

Updated April 17, 2017

Sometimes you just need a day off. The problem is your boss and co-workers might not understand your need for a break so you have to come up with a good lie to get out of work. Whether you are already at work or not wanting to go in at all, a good excuse can help you get home or stay home. Know what the policies are with your employer on sick and personal days because some companies will let you take a day off for personal reasons without an excuse.

Emergency at Home

Emergencies at home are ideal for getting out of work once you are already there. Have a neighbour call about a leaking pipe or a stranger lurking around your home. You will be excused right away to get home and see what is going on or to meet with police. You will want your story to be consistent so it will appear to your boss that the situation really happened. All parties involved in your excuse need to have the same story. A sure way to get out of the story part is to come back the next day saying it was a false alarm. It was just your sister in law trying to find the hidden key to borrow a sweater.

Family Emergency

Family emergencies are almost always believable as long as you don't use the same emergency over and over. Saying that a loved one died too many times will be suspicious and will leave you with no family. Emergency hospital visits are always a safe bet, unless your boss knows someone in the emergency room. Having the story straight and a plan B in case there are too many questions asked is advised.


Calling in sick or that you have a child home sick is an ideal excuse to get out of working. Especially if the illness is contagious. You might get a few days off because your coworkers might request that you not come back until you are completely healthy. Using lice, bed bugs or flea infestation will work for an excuse but it can be an embarrassment to you so choose your excuse wisely.


Appointments as excuses can be diverse. Many different appointments can allow you to be off either for the day or to leave early from work. For example, you could say that you have jury duty and are needed in court the entire day or having a CAT scan and need the day off. Dentist appointments work well, just make sure it is a check up, otherwise you might be asked, out of curiosity, to see the new bridge you claimed you were getting.

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