Funny Christmas Gifts for a Police Officer

Written by tami mason | 13/05/2017
Funny Christmas Gifts for a Police Officer
Put a smile on his face with a funny police-themed gift. (Siri Stafford/Lifesize/Getty Images)

If you have a friend or family member who is a member of the police force, then a police-themed gift can be the ideal Christmas present. From clothing to fridge magnets and Christmas decorations, there are plenty of police-themed gift options to suit a range of budgets.


The Zazzle website provides a wide range of police-themed T-shirts and tops for both men and women. Choose from amusing catchphrases such as "Half Police, Half Ninja" and "World's Sexiest Police Officer." Alternatively choose from picture designs such as a stick-figure police officer in his car, or specific designs aimed at members of S.W.A.T or K-9 units.


Encourage smiles all round with a funny police-themed mug for your police officer to take to work. Both Zazzle and the Bonfire Designs websites offer a range of mugs, beer steins and travel mugs. Choose from designs such as "My Daddy is the Best Police Officer in the World" and "I Love My Police Officer Boyfriend/Mommy/Daddy," to pictures of doughnuts, handcuffs and stick figures, as well as those designs aimed at biker cops and dog handlers.

iPad and iPhone Cases

A iPad or iPhone case can be a useful present and Zazzle has plenty to choose from. There are amusing designs aimed at K-9 officers, female police officers, biker cops, beat cops and many more.

Police Pillows

Bonfire Designs has a large range of police-themed pillows that can also be personalised. Designs include "I Love My Police Officer Boyfriend/Husband/Wife/Mommy/Daddy" and again, designs aimed specifically at different sectors of the police force.

Christmas Theme

Choose a gift from one of Bonfire Design wide Christmas-themed range. One design of a police badge with Santa and reindeer is available on a number of different products. These products include mugs, shot glasses, Christmas stockings, hooded tops, gym bags, Christmas decorations, wall clocks, T-shirts, teddy bears and even underwear.

Keychains, Magnets and Mousepads

All of these items can make a great budget present, or little stocking fillers. Zazzle has a great range of these smaller -- yet still useful -- items. Choose from keychains that say "Super Cop" or "Never fear, the Police Officer is Here"; Magnets stating "World's Sexiest Police Officer" or mouse pads that claim "Trust Me, I'm a Police Officer."


Donuts can be the perfect gag gift for members of the police force. Cops eating doughnuts has been a stereotype for a long time, so even if your police officer doesn't particularly like doughnuts, he will be sure to get the joke.

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