The Best Universities for Interior Architecture & Design

Updated July 20, 2017

Interior architecture and design programs offer training that can serve as the intellectual stepping stone to a career in design. Interior design focuses on the designing and decorating of interior spaces, while interior architecture is a blend of interior design, architecture and industrial design. According to a Department of Labor statistic from May 2008, the average annual wage of an interior designer is £29,217. Interior architects average slightly more with £32,038.

University of Cincinnati

Located in Cincinnati, Ohio, the University of Cincinnati offers a Bachelor of Science in both Interior Architecture and Interior Design. Their programs focus on critically engaging with the principles, traditions and requirements of architectural and interior design. The University has an entire College devoted to Design, Architecture, Art and Planning. Furthermore, the Design Futures Council and Design Intelligence journal rated the University of Cincinnati's design program number one in the nation.

Pratt Institute

The Pratt Institute is a prestigious institution located in New York City that has both Interior Design and Interior Architecture programs. The School of Art and Design boasts a comprehensive professional design education offering both undergraduate and graduate level study of interior design. Meanwhile, the School of Architecture spans across Brooklyn and Manhattan while providing students with a broad range of fieldwork including urban design, construction and facilities management and historic preservation.

Cornell University

Cornell University is an Ivy League university. In 2007, Cornell's interior design program was ranked second overall in the nation. The College of Architecture, Art and Planning focuses on architectural design, history and theory. Interior design and architecture courses are multidisciplinary and courses can be taken in three separate departments: Department of Architecture, Department of Art and Department of City and Regional Planning.

Drexel University

A private university located in Philadelphia, Drexel has a reputation for its interior design and architectural design programs. Both programs are located in the College of Media Arts and Design. The architecture program is multidisciplinary and emphasises aesthetic sensitivity, technical and management skills, inventive and scientific knowledge and cultural understanding. Also multidisciplinary in nature, Drexel University's interior design program emphasises design experience, creative problem solving and environmental, social and cultural issues.

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