Birthday Gifts for a 90-Year-Old Man

Updated February 21, 2017

By 90 years of age, most individuals have accumulated most of the items they will need for this lifetime. You do not want to give a present that will collect dust on a shelve or be impractical for an elderly recipient. Items such as gift tokens, "quality time," food items and practical aids are a few items the birthday guest will appreciate.


Many 90-year-olds are on a fixed income and live without little luxuries. Give him a gift basket full of his favourite food, drinks and candy. Cans of prepared meats and cheese will provide him with a go-to meal that is easy to prepare. Whip up a week of his favourite foods and freeze them. He can bake them when he is ready. A gift token to a local restaurant or grocery store is another way to ensure that he will get a few good meals.


Many elderly men have lost dear friends and family and would appreciate quality time with family. Take him out to eat at his favourite restaurant, invite him to your home for a home-cooked meal or simply spend a few hours of your time with him. If his health permits, take him out for a walk, attend a class of his interest or go on a fishing expedition.


He would probably enjoy pictures of his children and grandchildren. Have all generations of the family gather together and take a family picture. If this is not possible, use a photo editing program to add family members. Frame it for him. To avoid the clutter of a lot of picture frames, place photos in a photo book, make them into a quilt or upload them to a digital frame.


Preserve his memories as the birthday gift. Pay for him to attend a memoirs class or workshop, where he will learn how to captivate others with his memories. As an alternative, pay a local junior reporter to condense his stories into a journal. Spend some quality time with him, and use a video camera or webcam to document his stories on video. Considering that he has lived nearly a century, he is certain to share interesting information about his childhood, war, politics, social changes and love stories. Honour your own memories by having each relative of the birthday guest write a memory about him on a slip of paper. Add all the papers to a jar. He will enjoy reading the memories and how he has influenced others during his lifetime.


Buy him comfortable clothing that is easy to change into for a person with arthritis. Buy sweats, slippers or a comfortable robe.

Home Repair and Assistive Devices

Many 90-year-old men do not have the stamina to maintain their homes. If he is still living at home, offer to complete repairs for him. Complete lawn care, fix a leaky faucet and clean out drawers and the refrigerator. If he is in a nursing home, consider buying him a device that will make his life easier. Purchase a motorised chair, an elevated toilet seat stand, cane, arthritis glove, hearing aids or glasses.

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