The Duties & Responsibilities of Church Ushers

A church usher is a church representative who plays a significant role in the smooth running of the church by ensuring the church is ready for a worship service. The usher is also there to provide information if a church member has a question. An usher is usually immaculately dressed men and women who can easily be identified by their name tags during a church service. Not every churchgoer can be an usher. You must be a person of honour and integrity who is well established with the church.

Setting Up Church for Worship

An usher has to arrive at church earlier than the rest of the church members to help set up the church for worship. This includes turning on lights in the church and checking the thermostat temperature settings. Ushers also have to help with cleaning, by picking up trash left in the pews and on the floor and making sure the rest rooms are usable. It is also the duty of the usher to ensure there are enough hymnals and Bibles in the pews to cover the anticipated number of attendance. After the service, ushers have to help dismantle banners, collect all hymnals and Bibles and put them where they are stored.

Welcoming Church Members

Before and during the service, an usher meets and greets church members at the entrance. It is also the responsibility of the usher to escort worshippers down the aisle to a seat. While working in coordination with other ushers during the service, they must know where available seats are so that, as members and visitors enter the church, the ushers know exactly where to seat them. Ushers also distribute church brochures with church announcements and envelopes for tithes and offering.

Taking Offering

During the service, ushers are responsible for the offering collection. When it is time for the offering, an usher will hold an offering plate or basket in which church members will drop their offerings and tithes. When the offering is over, the usher takes the baskets to the pulpit where the minister will bless the tithes and offerings before putting them in the back office. In some churches, an usher will be required to help count the offering and sort out checks after the services. Sometimes the church has to write down the names of the church members and the amounts they have given in tithes and offerings for tax deductibility purposes.

Holy Communion

It is also the responsibility of the usher to prepare and distribute the Holy Communion. This includes putting juice in cups and setting out the crackers used as emblems of the blood and body of Jesus Christ. Ushers may have to break crackers to an appropriate size, usually in half inch square bits. During the Holy Communion, ushers distribute the juice and crackers. After the Holy Communion, the ushers have to collect the cups for washing and storage.

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