Ideas for a Dragon Cake

Dragon cakes add something special to a kid's birthday party, especially if the party has a fairy tale or medieval knights theme. Dragon cakes can come in all shapes and sizes, including 3D scaly dragon cakes and dragon-face cakes. Since dragons are mythical creatures, any colour frosting may be used.

Chinese Dragon

Chinese-dragon cakes may be created from two bundt cakes, with the halves placed end to end to form "S" curves. A larger bundt cake cut in half forms the body, while a smaller one cut in half forms the head and tail. Taffy candy can be moulded into dragon facial features, while jelly beans serve as the eyes. Triangular candies such as candy corn can be placed along the back for dragon scales, and liquorice works for a dragon tail. Dragon frosting colours can include red (a lucky Chinese colour) or blue and white.

Dragon Face

A 10-inch round cake can be the start of a dragon-face cake. Use a dragon-head tracing to cut out the head shape, which can include big dragon eyes and some dragon-head scales. Black or chocolate frosting can outline the face, including a friendly smile and eyebrows. Jelly beans work for the eyes and nostrils.

Winged Dragon

Aluminium-foil moulds and melting chocolate can create dragon wings on a dragon made out of one round 10-inch and two round 8-inch cakes. The 10-inch cake should be cut in half and folded up with frosting to make the main body. One of the 8-inch cakes, cut in half and placed on either side of the body, forms fat hind legs. The other 8-inch cake can be cut into a curving dragon tail, neck and a squarish dragon head. Cover the dragon's body with green frosting, adding yellow frosting accents for the wings, claws and scales. Hardened melting chocolate wings, formed in an aluminium mould, can be sunk into the cake and covered with frosting for a smooth finish.

Fire-Breathing Dragon

Dragon-shaped cake pans are another option. They're available in the shape of an upright fire-breathing dragon (or you can freehand your own from pound cake). Decorate with the dragon with pink, purple and white frosting, and fire made from orange and yellow frosting. Variation in the colours of the pink and purple frosting adds more depth to the look.

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