Magic Tricks Using Invisible Thread

Written by neil murrell
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Magic Tricks Using Invisible Thread
The Floating Toothpick is a classic invisible thread effect. (Zedcor Wholly Owned/ Images)

Invisible thread is a popular magic aid used to perform a wide variety of impressive visual illusions. It can be used to make commonplace objects appear to move under their own power or defy gravity. It is an extremely inexpensive product which is available in large quantities from all reputable magic shops. Two tricks which utilise invisible thread are the "Floating Toothpick" and the "Haunted Deck," both classics of close-up magic.

The Floating Toothpick: Preparation

Take an ordinary playing card, an 18 inch long strand of invisible thread, and two pieces of Sellotape. Wrap the invisible thread around the card several times lengthwise and affix each end of the thread to the bottom of the card with tape. Turn the card over so that the tape cannot be seen.


Lay the card in your hand so that the long edges are at the top and bottom; you can bend the card by squeezing the short edges together between your fingers and the heel of your hand. Hold the playing card flat in your hand and place the toothpick across it, balancing it on the invisible thread.

Bend the playing card slightly. The toothpick will remain where it is, balanced on the strands of invisible thread you previously wrapped around the card. To your spectator, it will appear as though the toothpick is floating in mid-air. To add to this illusion, wave another playing card below the gap between the invisible thread and the bent card.

The Haunted Deck: Preparation

Take a deck of cards and cut off the top third. Wrap invisible thread tightly around the top third and affix one end of the thread to the underside of the top third with a small piece of scotch tape. Wrap the other end around your finger.


Tell your spectator that you have learnt how to move objects with the power of your mind. Pretend to concentrate very hard on the deck and slowly move your hand forward, as though mentally pushing the cards aside. The top third of the deck will be dragged along with your hand, making it appear as though you have psychically cut the deck.

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