Mythical Creatures Games for Kids

Updated April 17, 2017

Mythical creatures are an exciting bunch: the term covers everything from fire-breathing dragons to the flying Pegasus and from terrifying minotaurs to tiny pixies. Games about mythical creatures are not only entertaining for kids but are also appealing, since many of these creatures have appeared in movies and books, such as the "Harry Potter" series. Such games also help kids learn about the legends behind mythical creatures.

Kids' Party Games

These themed games are designed for birthday parties or similar events. In "Who's Got the Gold?," one player is selected by a supervising adult to take on the role of a leprechaun. This player must shield her eyes while the adult gives a gold coin to another child, who hides it behind his back; the remaining players also hide their hands. The leprechaun then must decide who has the coin and has three chances to get it right. "Pin the Tail on the Unicorn" is a variant on the classic game, "Pin the Tail on the Donkey," except that a horned unicorn is drawn on a piece of card and blindfolded players must try to place the missing tail as accurately as they can on the picture. Both games are suitable for kids aged five and up.


These can be found both on or offline. "Fantasy Animals Quiz" is an online game featuring ten multiple-choice questions about mythical creatures such as griffons and centaurs. Players can proceed only when they guess the right answer. The "Which Mythical Creature Are You?" online game asks players a number of multiple-choice questions about themselves. When the player inputs results, the computer calculates which creature, such as a werewolf or a centaur, he is most like. Both games are suitable for kids aged seven and above.

Online Flash Games

Many flash games are available for free online; each is played through a user's web browser. "Dragon Rider" is a horizontally-scrolling shooting game, in which the player commands a flying dragon, which is controlled by using the keyboard and mouse. Over the course of a level, the player must survive in the skies by blasting down enemies. "Minotaur" places the player in the role of a hero out to slay the mythical minotaur. The player uses the keyboard to guide his character around a dark, 2D maze, collecting keys and items to proceed through the levels, until he reaches the minotaur itself. Both games are suitable for kids aged seven and above.

Board Games

These games are typically for multiple players. Designed for kids aged 12 and over, "World of Warcraft: The Adventure Game" is based on the popular video game. Players command warriors, using plastic models to represent character movement, in a quest to increase their power and battle monsters, including mythical beasts and inhuman soldiers. Suitable for ages nine and upwards, "Talisman" is developed by the Games Workshop company. Players take on the role of adventurers and set out to retrieve a famed artefact. The game involves players moving across a board, which represents a magical land, in the hope of finding a talisman to allow entry to the Dragon King's lair.

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