Twin boy & girl birthday party ideas

Updated November 21, 2016

Twins can be double the pleasure, but double the work. Struggling to be individuals, each child may have a different idea of what her upcoming birthday party should centre on, and including two party themes into one larger party can be somewhat of a challenge for parents. When the twins are much younger up until preschool age, they may not suggest themes for their parties and typical themes are often enjoyed or go unnoticed.

Infant Party

Although Pooh and Piglet are both of male gender, the Winnie the Pooh and friends theme can be adapted to a twin birthday party. Layer three round cakes with icing, and place it in the refrigerator for one to two hours. Carve the cake into a honeypot with a sharp knife and cover the sides and rim with brown icing; cover the top with yellow to appear as a honeypot cake. Arrange Pooh and Piglet figurines on the top and pipe the word "Hunny" on the side of the pot. Hang yellow, red and pink streamers with balloons from the ceiling, and use Pooh corner invitations to invite family and friends to the party.

Sesame Street is a favourite among small children with its educational aspects combined with entertaining superstar performances. Elmo and Zoe are one of the show's famous pairs and are readily available in tableware, decorations and invitations. Purchase and decorate Elmo and Zoe cakes by piping icing stars in coordinating colours over each cake.

Other infant ideas include Noah's ark with his "two-by-two" animal friends and "Two Peas in a Pod" themed birthday parties.

Toddler and Preschooler Parties

The Nickelodeon sensations Dora and Diego teach children about the Spanish language as well as animals and ethics. The boy-girl pair provide a starting point for twin's birthday party. Consider ordering a half-sheet cake and ask the baker to provide both Dora and Diego decorations on top of the confection. You may be required to pay an additional fee for the twice-decorated cake, but it saves from ordering two. As party favours and games, create your own maps with paper and crayons and have a stuffed animal scavenger hunt or hide-and-seek game by hiding various stuffed animals and giving the children clues as to where they are.

Thing One and Thing Two, one of many stars in the Dr. Seuss classic, "The Cat in the Hat," is a great theme. Dress the birthday boy and girl in red, one-piece footsie pyjamas and encourage them to wear blue fuzzy hats for the party. Decorate a 13 by 9-inch cake with red icing and two white fondant circles. On the circles, pipe "Thing 1" and "Thing 2" with black frosting. Arrange for a reading of "The Cat in the Hat" by someone dressed as the cat, and give each child a copy of the literary work as a party favour.

School-Aged Parties

Superheroes are commonly idolised by school-aged children, so integrate Superman and Supergirl into the birthday party theme. Create two 12-inch round cakes, refrigerate them and shape them into the Superman diamond shape. Decorate one with blue, red and white icing with the letter "S" in the centre and the other with the same design but in pink, red and white frosting. Decorate in a patriotic theme with a red tablecloth, blue plates and white plastic flatware.

Pirates and princesses go hand in hand because the swashbuckler either steals or rescues the princess. Integrate a role-playing activity and give each guest a pirate or princess costume as a party favour that they may wear over their clothing. Decorate with princess jewellery inside a pirate chest, pirate and princess hats or flags and royal banners.

Twin Tween Parties

Tweens, and even children younger than 10 years, can become involved in various sports. Use their interests as birthday party themes, such as a football and cheerleading party or baseball and softball. If their interests are the same, it is much easier on the planning; swimming, gymnastics, lacrosse, soccer, golf and volleyball can be options for the party. Create the main sport ball or equipment as decoration for the cake, and hold the party at a miniature golf course, an open gym or batting cages or a host a pool party.

Sleepover parties are appropriate for tweens, but avoid any inappropriate actions by hosting the male and female parties on separate evenings or weekends. Include a bed cake decorated in either pink or blue, arts and crafts decorating pillowcases and a movie night, including popcorn and theatre-type snacks.

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