Birthday party ideas for teenagers in the winter

Updated April 17, 2017

From barbecues to beach parties, planning a teenager's birthday party is easy when it takes place in the summertime. However, teenagers who were born in the winter do not have it so easy when it comes to planning fun things to do for their birthdays if the weather restricts them to indoor activities. Winter birthdays can be just as fun as summer birthdays if you plan the right celebrations.

Spa Party

The cold winter weather can really dry out a teenager's skin, so host an indoor spa party so she can refresh and rejuvenate with her friends. Purchase sample size lotions, nail polish and other beauty products so the teens can give each other facials, manicures and pedicures. Decorate the house like a spa with candles and soothing music instead of streamers and party music. If the budget allows, take your teen to a day spa with her closest friends for a day of professional health and beauty care.

Hollywood Party

If your teenager is a movie buff throw a star-studded Hollywood party. Set up a home cinema and serve popcorn, theatre candy and soft pretzels. Decorate the house with foil stars, pictures of celebrities, movie posters and a replica of the Hollywood sign. If your house is too small to accommodate a movie night, start the party at home and then take the teens out to the movies to see the latest blockbuster. If the budget allows for it, have a limo pick up the teens so they can arrive to the theatre in style.

Dance Party

A dance party gives teens the chance to get dressed up and boogie down. Rent a hall or a dance club and decorate it with streamers, balloons and a disco ball. If that is out of your budget, set up a dance floor in your basement instead and hire a DJ to keep the music pumping. The teens might not be interested in taking time out from their dancing to do cake and ice cream, so have a snack table with finger foods and cupcakes instead.

Hotel Party

Throwing a birthday bash at a hotel is a popular idea with teenagers; just make sure they are well supervised. If possible, try to get two adjoining rooms so that you can give the teens their space while being only a room away. Book rooms at a hotel that has a heated indoor pool so your teen with the winter birthday can finally throw a pool party. Celebrate with a birthday dinner in the hotel's restaurant or order room service and bring a cake from home.

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