Good Persuasive Business Speech Topics

Updated April 17, 2017

Persuasive business speech topics attempt to convince an audience of a different point of view or to change the audience's behaviour about a given topic. Speeches that combine visuals and multimedia presentation software often make a speech more persuasive and engaging. With a wide range of business topics available, these areas help speakers get started.


Persuading an audience about ethics means convincing the audience about ethical decision making and how to make good choices in the business world. Topics include persuading a board of directors to adopt a companywide code of ethics, disciplining employees caught in ethics violations and paying for ethics training of the management team. Using practical examples of ethical cases in the news media also helps bolster the points. If applicable, use a personal example or personal story of something that happened; combined with good storytelling skills, a personal story makes a speech more believable and adds credibility.


Convincing an audience about business education includes high school courses, workshops and higher education. In persuading a group of high school students to take courses in accounting, typing and business software programs, talk about the benefits of each and how they will help in opening a small business. In a speech about enrolling in workshops to improve customer relations, business writing skills or new technology, persuade your audience about how these will help both inside and outside the company. If the speaker earned his master's degree in business administration, persuade a group of college students of the importance of the advanced degree, the skills it teaches and how it can improve their long-term salary.


Both positives and negatives exist in being an entrepreneur. In persuading people to become an entrepreneur, speak to them about the benefits of setting their own hours, working when they want and making their own business decisions. To paint a full picture, good speech topics also include spending all a person's time at his job, working weekends and making the wrong decisions that can cost the person a sale or even his business. Successful entrepreneurs can offer persuasive advice on getting accounting, marketing and sales help, while those who failed at these tasks can speak to the pitfalls of making bad decisions.

International Business

Persuasive topics on international business help persuade people about investments and marketing techniques overseas. Topics about investments can show an audience which countries are suitable for making a good return on a person's investment regardless of the economy. In a persuasive speech about marketing, showing an audience how a solid marketing plan in the United States would fail in another country because of the cultural differences could teach your listeners to not make the same decision. Persuasive topics also include talking about the benefits or disadvantages of opening a factory in a foreign country.

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