Birthday Party Ideas for 30 Kids

Updated July 20, 2017

Planning a birthday party for a group of 30 kids can be a bit challenging but with a little advanced planning and a few creative touches the day will be a huge success. No matter the age of the children, parties full of activities and good food are sure to be remembered for a years to come.

Carnival Fun

A large group of kids are sure to be pleased with a carnival theme party. Turn your backyard into a carnival complete with a bounce house, slides and games. Decorate with colourful balloons and banners. Easy, fun games can be created ahead of time for the party. Fill a kiddie pool with paper fish. Attach a small magnet to the backside of each one and attach a magnet to the end of a fishing line. Kids can try to catch a fish to win a prize. Another fun game is set up with golf tees, lightweight balls and foam board. Push the tees into the foam board and place a ball on top each one. Have the kids try knocking the balls off by squirting them with a water gun.

Place several plastic cups in the shape of a triangle on a table. Have the children toss a small ball at the glasses to try to land one inside for a prize. To make the party even more festive, give the children tickets that can be redeemed for gifts at a prize table. Serve carnival foods like hot dogs, corn dogs, bags of candyfloss, snow cones, nachos, juice boxes or soda, and cake and ice cream.

Dancing Party

An outdoor space, large basement, rental hall or hotel conference room can be turned into a fun birthday party dance. Decorate the area with balloons, streamers and festive lighting. Sprinkle cloth-overed tables with glitter and set out chairs for guests to relax. Leave plenty of room for the kids to dance to their favourite music on a CD player or iPod. Place bowls of popcorn, candy, chips and small sandwiches out for guests to enjoy during the party. Serve punch or keep cans of soda and bottled water cool in a large container of ice. Serve a cake that is decorated to look like a music note, guitar, drum set or microphone.

Backyard Slumber Party

The more kids, the merrier with a backyard slumber party. Set up tents and a campfire and enjoy the entire evening with food, stories and music. Set out chairs, logs or blankets for everyone to sit around the fire. Provide hot dogs and marshmallows to roast. Play the kids' favourite tunes or have a singalong with classic camp songs like "Bear Hunt" and "Baby Bumble Bee". Have the kids take turns telling scary stories before turning in for the night. Cook the kids up a hearty breakfast of bacon and eggs in the morning before sending them home.

Field Day Party

Field day birthday parties are enjoyable for kids of all ages. A number of fun games can be played in your backyard or local park. Create an obstacle course, relay race and several games for the kids to participate in. Games like centipede can be played with large groups. Split the group in two and have them place their hands on the waist of the child in front of them. Both groups must run an obstacle course of cones or chairs while remaining attached to each other. If someone's hands come off the person in front of them the group must start over.

Another fun game that can be played with a large group is an egg walk. Have everyone line up in a straight line with a spoon held directly in front of him or her. Place a raw or boiled egg onto each spoon and have the kids' race to the finish line. The child that walks the farthest without dropping the egg is the winner.

The balloon popping game is as fun to watch as participate in. Blow up several balloons in various sizes and place them in a container. Line the kids up a distance away. On your mark, the kids must run to the container, grab a balloon and run back to the starting line. Each one must pop the balloon by sitting on it. Once they have broken a balloon, they can race back for another and continue this process until the final whistle is blown. The child with the most popped balloons wins.

Water balloon tosses are good options for warm days and a raw egg toss can be played if it is a cooler. Grilled foods such as hamburgers and hot dogs along with chips, fruit, cake and ice cream are sure to please those that have worked up an appetite.

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