Big 30 Birthday Ideas

Updated July 20, 2017

A loved one's 30th birthday is a milestone. When planning a 30th birthday celebration, go the extra mile to make sure your friend or family member can look back on it with fond memories for years to come. Preparations for that extra special 30th birthday event will include choosing the perfect gift and throwing the ideal party.

Choose a Personalized Present

Mark this exciting beginning to a new life chapter by selecting the perfect and personalised present. A hand-engraved silver gift inscribed with your loved one's initials will make a thoughtful, personal gift that can be enjoyed for years to come. Ideas for engraved silver gifts include a beautiful item of jewellery for a woman or a stunning hip flask for a man.

Plan a Theme Party

A sophisticated theme idea for a 30th birthday party is a glamorous casino party. If funds permit, host the party in a stunning venue like an old art-deco building or ballroom. Seek out the help of speciality entertainment organisations to help you throw the perfect casino party. Other ideas for festive and celebratory party themes include a classic Hollywood party or a sumptuous Venetian masquerade ball.

Take a Trip

A great idea for an intimate 30th birthday celebration is to organise a trip for you and your loved one or a fun weekend away with a group of close friends. If you are planning the perfect romantic trip for your partner's 30th birthday, a quiet weekend in a country hotel is the perfect option. For a wild weekend with a group of friends, a city break will make for an exciting trip to remember.

Adventure Gifts

A 30th birthday is the perfect opportunity to fulfil your friend or family member's wildest dreams. An adventure gift will ensure your loved one's 30th birthday is full of thrills and excitement. Many options are available when selecting an adventure gift. Whether planning an adrenalin-filled day with skydiving or white water rafting or a leisurely adventure like a hot air balloon ride, an adventure gift can show how much you care.

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