Surprise Birthday Ideas for Someone Turning 80 Years Old

Updated July 19, 2017

Celebrating an 80th birthday should be a fun event for all involved, especially for the person celebrating her birthday! Surprising someone for her 80th birthday is a great idea for family members, but it does require planning and preparation. The most important aspect of a surprise birthday party is the surprise itself, so make sure to be creative with the unveiling of the birthday party.

At-Home Birthday Surprise

Having a surprise party at the home of the birthday person is an easy way to have a successful surprise birthday party. When surprising an 80-year-old, have one member of the family take the birthday person out for breakfast. When he leave his residence for breakfast, have the rest of the family show up at the home to prepare for the surprise party. Each family member should have a task to do to help with the preparations so no one is saddled with too many tasks. Decorate the house for a birthday party, get some music ready and wait for the birthday boy to make his way home for his family birthday surprise.

Restaurant Surprise

Find out the birthday person's favourite restaurant, and call the restaurant to see if you can make reservations or reserve a private area for a surprise party. Have family members and friends arrive 30 minutes before the birthday person. Designate someone from your family to pick up the birthday person and bring her to the restaurant, where she will be surprised to find her friends and family waiting to congratulate her on her 80th birthday milestone.

Surprise Adventure

If the birthday person is not into big celebrations or being the centre of attention, you can still give him a great surprise 80th birthday party. Secretly have family members pool together money for a vacation somewhere where the birthday person has always wanted to go. This can be expensive, but it can be rewarding for the birthday person. Have a "typical" birthday party, and wrap one giant box with a tiny box inside of it. Put newspapers in the big box, and place the tiny box at the bottom of it. Inside the tiny box, place the hotel and airfare tickets. This is not recommended for all 80-year-olds, as travel may be difficult if they have health problems. But, if your birthday person is in good health, it's recommended.

Turn Back the Clock Surprise

A "turn back the clock" themed surprise party is perfect for an 80-year-old. Ask family members buy 1930s-, 1940s- or 1950s-themed party favours, such as records, antiques and party games. Contact the birthday person's friends, and let them know of the event, arranging travel for them if needed. Set up the party favours at a family member's house. Have a family member take the birthday person out for any reason, and tell him you need to stop on the way at the family member's house who is having the party. When you get to the house, the birthday person will have a blast with the themed party and memories of yesteryear.

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