Information on the LX188 John Deere Riding Mower

Updated February 21, 2017

Deere and Company manufactures consumer and residential power equipment, including the John Deere brand lawn tractors, like the LX188 model. A lawn tractor is similar to a riding lawnmower, except that you can add attachments for additional tasks. The John Deere LX188 model was first released in 1999, but it no longer is produced. However, you can still purchase replacement parts from online vendors.


The John Deere LX188 model lawn tractor had a hydrostatic transmission, which means that the transmission uses hydraulic power for operating purposes. This lawn tractor came with mower decks in the following sizes: 38, 44 and 48 inches. A sun umbrella could be added to protect you from the sun while you are working, and the seat suspension could be adjusted to ensure maximum comfort.


The engine on this lawn tractor was a John Deere "K" series gasoline engine, which produced up to 17 horsepower. It had two cylinders and was liquid cooled. The turning radius on this lawn tractor was 20 inches. It used an electric power take-off (PTO) system, which helped you raise your attachments.


The John Deere LX188 model lawn tractor's maximum load capacity was 68kg. Never exceed the maximum load recommendations or you could damage your transmission. A lever on the rear operated your tractor trunk, which held your dump load. Always park your lawn tractor before dumping your load, and always lock your tractor trunk into position before you start moving again. Do not let people ride in the tractor trunk since they could get hurt. Never stand behind your tractor while you are dumping your load. Always stop your engine before adding or removing an attachment. Never operate your tractor in the dark, and never leave your lawn tractor unattended while it is running.


The major issue that John Deere lawn tractors owners experience is a trunk that will not stay level. First, make sure that your mounting bolts are tight enough. If not, tighten them enough that they are secure, but don't over-tighten them or you may strip the bolts. Next, check your load. If it exceeds 150lbs., remove some of it. Turn off your engine, and put your tractor in park. Then, manually remove some material from the trunk. For all other problems, contact your John Deere dealer for repairs.

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