Games to Play With Your Girlfriend

Playing games with your girlfriend is a great way to spend quality time with each other. When uncertain what to during the weekend, a potential option is to play video games or drinking games with her. Considering all the different types of game genres out there, the possibilities are endless. You will soon realise that you'll have just as much fun (if not more) playing games with your girlfriend than with your guy friends.

Wii Sports Games

The Wii game console provides a variety of free sports games to play which are included with the Nintendo system. The Wii system allows you to play tennis, baseball, bowling or boxing with your girlfriend. The interactive game console and remote will give you and your girlfriend the opportunity to physically move and act out various movements that will be depicted on the TV screen. While playing the Wii video games with your girl, you will be able to stay active and also get some exercise.

Mario Kart

Another popular video game to play with your girlfriend is Mario Kart, which is unlike traditional racing games in that there are objects to throw at other players, such as banana peels and turtle shells. Adorable characters, dancing palm trees and mystery boxes will also make this an exciting game to play. Whether you decide to play with another couple during a double date night or just with your girlfriend, Mario Kart will be one of the most entertaining games you play with each other.


In this variation of the classic card game, you can add an adult element to the game with alcohol. To play, divide the deck evenly between you and your girlfriend. Throw down your card in the similar manner as with the original card game, but when a player loses (has the lower card), he or she must take a drink. If you both draw the same card, you must count out four cards and place the final card face up for 'war.' The person with the highest card value wins all of those cards. Collect all 52 cards to win this game.


Another fun drinking game to play with your girlfriend is called Buzz. Nothing is required for this game, except drinks and the skill of counting. In order to play this game, you have to alternate between you and your girlfriend, taking turns counting (starting with one). You count back and forth until one person reaches the number seven which must be replaced with the word, "Buzz." From this point onward, each multiple of seven must be replaced with "Buzz," and each mistake costs you one drink.

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