Costume Ideas for a Masquerade Ball

Updated November 21, 2016

Masquerade balls are a wonderful way to show your creativity and to feel enchanting. Masquerade balls are often thrown during Mardi Gras, Halloween and New Year's Eve. Masquerade costumes often use lots of royal colours such as purple, green, gold, black, red and silver as well as, diamond patterns. Think lace, feathers and satins when choosing materials.


The mask is the most important part of a masquerade ball costume. There are many types of masks you can wear. Half masks are the most practical and comfortable. These can be worn by holding them up with a stick that's attached at the side or with an elastic securing it around your head. Masquerade masks can look like animals such as cats or birds with many feathers. More abstract masks generally have a lot of gold, silver, glitter and sequins on them.


You do not have to wear a wig, but it can add drama to your look. Marie Antoinette-style wigs in any colour pair beautifully with a ball gown. Wear a simpler wig with a curly tousled updo. Men can wear powdered white wigs to make a statement as well.

Women's Costumes

The traditional full ball gown is sure to make any woman feel extremely glamorous at a masquerade ball. These dresses can be rented from any costume shop. It can be difficult to wear such a heavy, layered dress for a full evening, so you may prefer to wear something simpler. Ballerina-inspired tutus make a great masquerade costume when paired with a satin top or a corset. You can also wear a simple cocktail dress and draw all the attention to your mask.

Men's Costumes

Rent a traditional costume with velvet breeches, a waistcoat, tailcoat jacket, frilly shirt and tights. Wear buckled heels if you really want to be traditional. You can mix and match any of these pieces with a modern suit for an appropriate costume. Wear a modern suit with a hooded cape and mask to add a mysterious air to your costume.

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