Scarecrow Ideas

Updated April 17, 2017

Whether you are planting a garden for the first time or crafting a Halloween costume, ideas for putting together scarecrows range from whimsical to functional. Scarecrows are often seasonally depicted in children's crafts, made of paper bags, construction paper or paint sticks. For grown-ups, many towns offer scarecrow trails at Halloween featuring creatively themed scarecrow characters. From kindergarten students to seasoned crafters, scarecrows are a perennial image of autumn.

Miniature Decorative Scarecrow Ideas

Enjoy fashioning Halloween crafts with a variety of basic materials. Small decorative wooden scarecrows can be cut and painted with acrylic paints in bright colours or colours that enhance your interior decor. For simpler scarecrow crafts, glue pieces of simple, coat-shaped felt onto a paint stick, along with a felt hat and scrap denim trousers. Draw a simple face onto the paint stick with craft markers. For a similar scarecrow craft to adorn houseplants, make a houseplant poke -- an ornament atop a rod that protrudes from your ivy or cactus -- by creating a scarecrow on a short dowel rod.

Kids Scarecrow Craft Ideas

Engage children with autumn scarecrow crafts. Provide kids with paper bags to decorate as scarecrow faces. Use yellow construction paper for straw, and a variety of colours for eyes and a hat. Draw a simple "stitched" mouth with black crayon. Stuff the paper bag with balled up newspaper and tie with yarn so the bag forms a scarecrow head. For trick-or-treating, children can decorate scarecrow treat bags.

Older children will enjoy making straw-hat scarecrow faces by gluing straw and googly eyes to the hat and adding a mouth and nose with markers or felt.

Garden and Novelty Scarecrow Ideas

For classic garden or field scarecrows, stuff old clothes with straw and frame the scarecrow by running dowel rods through the sleeves and pant legs. Prop a hat on a dowel rod in the neck hole, or stuff an old pillowcase with straw for a head. For novelty seasonal scarecrows used as lawn decorations or as town scarecrow trail contributions, alter classic scarecrows by making them pop culture characters, animals or mythical creatures. Make a "tin man" scarecrow by using an upside-down bucket as the head, with an oil can in hand. Make a vampire scarecrow by putting vampire teeth in the scarecrow head and draping the scarecrow in a black cape. Create humorous scarecrows by making them iconic figures like Marilyn Monroe or Elvis Presley.

Scarecrow Costume Ideas

To make a scarecrow costume, wear a stuffed plaid flannel shirt and stuffed denim trousers. Cover these with patches and add a wide-brimmed hat. Trim edges of clothing with straw or, for children, yellow yarn. Use face paint to complete the look. Combine characters with the scarecrow for costumes like "scarecrow Yankee player," "scarecrow celebrity," "scarecrow zombie" or "scarecrow clown." Couples or groups can wear "scarecrow bride and groom" or "scarecrow Beatles" costumes.

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