Prom night checklist

Updated April 17, 2017

Prom night is one of the most important nights in a teenager's life. It's an event that every young adult wants to be memorable for years to come. It is not unusual on prom night for emotions to be so high that things are forgotten. A simple prom night checklist can help to avoid a potentially embarrassing or uncomfortable moment and ensure that no detail is left out. Here are a few suggestions for your prom night checklist.


Many choose to hire transportation for their prom, with either a limousine or other type of rental vehicle. It is a good idea to verify the time and date with your transportation provider. This is a good idea to do several days in advance, as well as the morning of the prom. In case of an unfortunate event, a backup transportation method should also be planned for well in advance of prom night.

Personal Care Products

For the girls, make-up is a vital part of the prom wardrobe. Make-up tends to be one of the very last tasks when preparing for prom, so if there is a mishap here it leaves no room for error. Plan well ahead to have make-up ready, and in the various shades that you want. You don't want to be left rummaging through old purses and friends' supplies on the big day. For the guys, this would include items such as deodorant and lip balm, to make sure you are as presentable as possible should you forget.


Having a sufficient amount of money is important to remember. With prom photos, dinners and breakfasts requiring payment, you should plan to have a fairly large amount of money available. Try to make sure you have both large and small bills, so that you can easily spend what is most convenient. Having extra money will also be beneficial should there be an unfortunate event such as a transportation breakdown that would require you to pay for repairs or cab fare.

Camera Equipment

With advancing technology, digital cameras have become readily available and extremely compact. Most everyone has a digital camera or camcorder that is the perfect size for a tuxedo pocket or purse. If you do not have one available, a disposable camera will do just fine and is nearly as small. To have lasting memories of your prom night, remember to take one of these. These are a wonderful way to capture all of the fun moments with your classmates on your special night.

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