Signs a man wants to get engaged

Updated March 23, 2017

If you've been dating a man for a significant amount of time, he might be getting ready to propose. If you're not sure if he's about to pop the question, you can keep your eyes open for a few telltale signs, as these will give you a better idea to what his plans are for your short-term and long-term future.

Family Interest

When a man gets engaged and married, he becomes much more involved in his wife's family life. So, one sign that he wants to get engaged is that he might start asking more specific questions about your family, such as what your parents are like, how they raise children and what their core values are. If your boyfriend did not previously show this interest but has started showing more, he might be ready to get engaged.

Commitment Discussion

Men can be frustratingly vague when it comes to commitment and planning, instead preferring to take their relationships one day at a time. If, however, your boyfriend starts talking about your long-term future and discussing your views on commitment and settling down, then he could be preparing to get down on one knee, or at least thinking about it.


If your boyfriend schedules a date for a couple weeks in the future, even if you are likely going to see him several times between now and then, this could be a sign that he is going to propose on that date. Wedding proposals take a lot of planning, and he needs to ensure that you're available for it. This can be a sign that not only does he want to get engaged, but that is the day he is going to ask.


If a normally confident man starts acting nervous or needy, he might be getting ready to get engaged. This is because asking someone to marry you is a huge risk; it's essentially laying yourself bare and vulnerable, and it takes a lot of guts. So, if he is preparing to take this step, he might feel insecure at the possibility that you won't say yes. This is particularly true if he starts acting less secure than he normally does; if he's just an insecure guy and always acts this way, then this might just be who he is.

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