Warhammer Cake Ideas

Updated April 17, 2017

Warhammer is a hobby that takes up a lot of time and effort, so when you sit down to play a game it may be worth making a day of it and presenting your guests with a themed cake. You can make a cake suit the occasion even if you're not an expert baker.

Decorate a Simple Sponge Cake

One of the easiest ways to make a Warhammer cake is to bake a simple recipe and decorate the top. One example of an easy-to-make cake is a Victoria sponge cake, flavoured with jam and cream sandwiched between two pieces of sponge. Many people decorate the top of sponge cakes with icing, where you can transform it into a Warhammer-themed dish. Spread white icing over the top of the cake, then use tubed icing in different colours to draw a decoration on top. Draw the Warhammer logo or some of your favourite characters, for example.


Another simple Warhammer cake idea is to make or buy cupcakes and decorate them. You can find many easy-to-make recipes for cupcakes, and they do not take a long time to bake. Once they have cooled, use tubed icing again to draw on your design, or perhaps use edible stars, sprinkles and decorative balls to create a picture. Cupcakes allow you to personalise treats, giving one to each player. Decorate these cakes according to the army with which they will be playing.

Sculpted Cakes

Master bakers can make cakes in the shape of almost anything; if you're really looking to splash out, you may be able to find an expert baker who can design a Warhammer treat. Some ideas for designs you could suggest to a professional cake maker include a 3D edible model of one of your favourite creatures from the game, a cake in the shape of the Warhammer board or one based on the Warhammer logo.

Cookie Figurines

Warhammer hobbyists spend a great deal of time painting the figurines they buy, and this artistic talent could go toward cake making as well. Draw a simple design of the outline of a figurine, and cut it out of greaseproof paper. Make some cookie dough, and press your design onto the surface so it sticks into place. Using your template as a stencil, cut the shape out of the cookie dough, peel off the greaseproof paper and bake the cake. Once you have finished the figurines, use tubed icing to draw on the details. Use these figurines to decorate the top of a cake. Stick the cookies into the top of the cake, arranging them so it looks as if they are fighting, in order to create a Warhammer-esque battle scene. A chocolate cake may serve this purpose best, as the dark colour could look more dramatic.

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