Activities for Mentally Disabled Children

Updated April 17, 2017

Children with learning disabilities may need extra help to better understand and adjust to the world. You'll often need to adjust planned games and activities for each individual child and his unique disability. When working with a group of children, look for activities that can be modified for different needs.

Phone Number Helper

Help mentally disabled children learn their phone number using a helper worksheet. Create a worksheet with a picture of a telephone on it. Then, cut out several sets of numbers 1 through 9. Have the children colour the phone and then glue the numbers in the order of their own phone number.

Finger Paints

Finger painting is an extremely engaging and stimulating activity that can be done independently. Finger paints engage the sense of touch, as well as sight. This activity can help mentally disabled children express themselves in a simple way. Give these children a limited amount of finger paints to avoid a large mess and be sure to have kids use protective aprons, as well.

The Me Book

The Me Book is a photo album that is individualised for each child. This activity helps mentally disabled children begin to understand and communicate basic concepts through symbols. Have parents photograph things important to their child based on certain categories (self & family, toys, chair, comb, food, clothing, places I go). Help the child compile these photos, which will range from family members to a favourite toy, into an album and label each image with a one-word caption.

Bubble Activity

Use a bubble activity to build strength and motor skills with the pincer grasp. Create an activity worksheet with bubbles that are in a connect-the-dots style shape (such as a star, square or circle). Teach children to peel round stickers from their backing and then place the stickers in the circles on the worksheet, filling in all circles. Then, the children can explain what shape they see.

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