Dining Banquette Ideas

Written by jennifer mullett | 13/05/2017
Dining Banquette Ideas
Banquette seating makes efficient use of your space. (Jack Hollingsworth/Photodisc/Getty Images)

Move away from the standard dining room set-up and tailor a banquette to fit the individual needs your dining space and your lifestyle. Whether you dream of a sunny breakfast nook, or a banquette the length of the room for additional guest seating, you can create a banquette to suit any room. Experiment with fabric and pattern to add a hint of colour to your dining space.


For a booth, create two parallel areas of banquette seating with a table between them. For this application, a rectangular table works best. The length of the banquettes depends on how much space you have to work with and the seating you require. It is best to seat up to three people on each side for a total of six. Tailor the booth to work for your space. One idea for the exposed back of one side of the booth is to add a shelf to store placemats and cloth napkins.

Corner or Nook

A corner or nook consists of an L-shape and is tucked into a corner. The shape of the table can be round or square but a third option is to have a square table modified to avoid anyone from bumping into the corner as they walk past. One of the corners can be cut off or rounded for a smoother finish. In addition to the L-shape of the banquette, you can add a few chairs.

Banquette Furniture

Banquette-style furniture can be purchased in pieces to be added to one side of a dining room table. Designs range in styles and include modern, traditional and eclectic. Wooden benches and upholstered pieces are some of the options available. Creative use of cabinets and drawer systems can be designed with a banquette and attached by screwing them together. Look for discount cabinets left over from kitchen remodels for a cost-effective approach. Design a flat top with a cushion and a cushion for the back to complete the look.

Accessories and Options

Building your own banquette affords you the option of adding additional storage to your kitchen or dining area. Options include cupboard doors, drawers and shelving. The banquette can also be built in a way that allows you to open the seat (akin to a toy box) for extra storage space. Keep your cookbook collection on display in the shelving exposed on one side of the banquette. Accessorise the seating area with cushions, placemats and cloth napkins to be changed out with the seasons. Choose a wipeable material for the banquette itself, to care for it and promote its longevity.

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