Natural oven cleaning tips

Commercial oven cleaners contain harsh chemicals that can fill your home with dangerous residue and fumes. These chemicals can cause a many adverse health problems to you and your family. Fortunately, there are natural oven cleaning tips that will cleanse and deodorise your oven without using expensive and dangerous chemicals.


A common ingredient in commercial glass cleaners, ammonia will soften the grime coating your oven walls. Fill a bowl with clear, non-sudsy ammonia and set the bowl on a baking tray. Place the items on the rack in the oven and close the door. Let the ammonia sit in the oven overnight. The fumes ammonia naturally produces will loosen the grime so you can easily wipe the walls of the oven clean with a sponge dampened in cool water.


Vinegar is an all-natural cleaner that cuts through grease and grime while deodorising your oven. Fill a spray bottle with undiluted distilled white vinegar. Spray the oven walls with the vinegar and let it sit for several minutes. While the vinegar is soaking, dampen a clean sponge in cool water and place in your microwave. Heat the sponge for 20 seconds. Wipe the oven walls clean with the heated sponge. Continue apply vinegar and -- when the sponge becomes soiled and cool -- rinse the sponge clean in cool water and heat in the microwave for 20 seconds until you have cleaned the oven.

Baking Soda

Baking soda -- like vinegar -- is a natural deodoriser and cleaner that works on many surfaces. Mix equal parts water and baking soda in a container. Scrub the oven walls with a sponge and the baking soda mixture. Start at the ceiling and work your way down the inside of the oven scrubbing with the sponge dampened in the baking soda mixture. Rinse the residue off the oven walls with a clean cloth dampened in cool water.

Lemon Juice

The naturally acidic nature of lemons makes them a common ingredient in commercial cleaning products. Lemon juice will dissolve grease and grime on the inside of your oven while leaving a fresh, citrus aroma in your kitchen. Fill a spray bottle with equal parts water and lemon juice. For tougher jobs, use undiluted lemon juice. Mist the oven walls with the lemon juice and let soak for 10 minutes. Wipe the inside of the oven clean with a damp cloth or sponge. Continue in this manner until you have thoroughly cleaned the inside of the walls.

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