Good luck gifts for dance competitions

Updated April 17, 2017

Give your team members a personalised good luck gift like a dance charm before they head to competition. A gift from their dance teacher will help the dancers feel special and appreciated for all of their hard work before their next competition. The gift could also help them to feel like a team. The Crazy Dazy website offers mini ballet magnets.

Mini Ballet Dolls

Find miniature ballet dolls like the ones at the Dance Directory website that can be put on a keychain. Personalise each one with ribbon that has a good luck or best wishes message and give each dancer one before the first competition. This is a keepsake for the students and shows them how you recognise all of their hard work.

Dance Hoodies

Give your team members personalised hoodies before their first competition. Choose the hoodies in team colours, get the name of the team printed on the back of each hoodie and customise each with the team member's name in smaller letters on the upper side front. If your team is named for a thing or animal, like the Rockets, get a small rocket logo printed somewhere on each sweatshirt to further personalise them.

Dance Charms

Get a sterling silver charm necklace oriented to your Irish dance team. Buy the charmed necklaces online. Choose an Irish dancer, soft shoe or hard shoe charm at the Celtic Jewellery and Gifts website. Choose either sterling silver chain or Irish dancing bracelet, in your team colour, on which to hang the charms. The Crazy Dazy offers different types of charms like ballet shoes for ballet dancers.

Dance Competition Bags

Give each of your team members a personalised dance bag to carry dance and travel gear to competition. Find rollaway bags for competitions that are large enough for overnight stays when going to competitions far away. Some are available at the Rac n Roll Bags website. Decide on a colour and get each bag personalised with each team member's name and a team emblem. The Crazy Dazy website offers a variety of personalised dance bag options. They offer tote bags and smaller pink bags with ballet slippers to hold dance shoes.

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