Degrees in Tudor History

Updated April 17, 2017

At the moment, it does not appear that there are any specific degrees in Tudor history. However, that does not mean that a student cannot study and specialise in Tudor history, provided he is willing to do some work to get there. Individual courses exist, but most of the work specific to Tudor history must be done at the postgraduate level.

United States Programs

In the United States, undergraduates can major in history for a bachelor's degree. More specialised degrees, such as European History or English History, tend to happen at the postgraduate master's or doctorate level. With a postgraduate degree in English or medieval history, a student could specialise in the Tudor period with support from the school's faculty.

United Kingdom Programs

Because the Tudors were an English family, most of the world's leading experts in Tudor history are in the United Kingdom. A student in the U.K. can do his undergraduate or bachelor's degree in English history, allowing him to further specialise in postgraduate work as he pursues a master's degree or PhD. Cambridge, Oxford, Leeds, Manchester, Warwick and Sussex are among the U.K. schools with a strong program in Tudor history.

Medieval and Early Modern Studies

The University of Michigan's Medieval and Early Modern Studies program has a strong reputation. Unfortunately, the honours program is being retired in 2012. The MEMS minor will be continued and the MEMS program has a strong study abroad program. A history degree from the University of Michigan with a MEMS minor and guidance from the program could serve as a good stepping stone toward a speciality in Tudor history.

Online Courses

The University of Exeter, in the UK, offers an online summer course called "The Tudors: History, Culture and Religion." The course covers the Tudors by focusing on history, literature, art and archaeology. "The Great Courses," which provides lectures on DVD, video download, CD audio or audio download, offers the course "Story of Medieval England: From King Arthur to the Tudor Conquest."

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