Cool things to paint on bedroom walls

Updated April 17, 2017

Using paint to create a fun bedroom space is a perfect way to add colour and energy to an otherwise simple room. Designing stencils and choosing colour palettes allow you to customise the look for the bedroom that best suits who is going to use it. Latex paint is the safest option for these painting techniques. Prime the wall first if painting over dark colours or if you're planning to apply your design over spots that have been repaired with wall putty or spackle.

Wall Murals

Murals add an artistic touch to the room that can range in effect from childish and fun to mature and modern. If you have an artistic background, draw out your design on paper first to prepare the composition and colours. Apply the mural directly to the wall with latex paint and artists brushes or use a grid system to arrange the design as planned. Another method for more complicated designs is to use a projector and your design printed out on a plastic sheet. You can project the design onto the wall and then fill it in with your brushes.


You can use stencils for large scale images like murals or smaller design elements on your bedroom wall. Stencils are available in a variety of shapes and characters, or you can make your own with thin cardboard or durable plastic sheets. Trace your design onto the cardboard or plastic sheet and cut out the form with a utility knife. Tape the stencils to the walls using painter's tape and fill in with a brush, roller, sponge or rag depending on the look you want for your finished wall art.


You can make stamps from any material that will hold or spread paint. Stamps can have texture, like sponges and old cloth rags, or be smooth for crisp outlines, like those made from rubber. You can buy stamps in many shapes and styles, with some stamps linking together to form borders and continuous designs when applied to your walls.

Stripes and Argyle Patterns

You need to plan stripe and argyle patterns with a pencil, straightedge and measuring tape before you paint them in. Paint the wall a base colour before using painter's tape to mark off your stripes or checkered argyle pattern. Argyle patterns give the room a sophisticated yet vintage look.

Style and Content Options

For master bedrooms and guestrooms, simple organic shapes, plant forms and geometric patterns are very pleasing and relaxing. It's best to consult teens when painting their bedrooms. Sports themes, whimsical landscapes or whatever they're excited about will make the wall painting a good fit. For babies, paint clouds and natural scenes with pastel colours. For toddlers and young children, objects and symbols to stimulate the things they are learning about are appropriate choices. Try oversized painted numbers or letters, favourite cartoon role models or bright, engaging colours.

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