The Best Indoor Smokers

Updated April 17, 2017

Indoor smokers come in a variety of types. Some are designed for residential use, and others are geared toward commercial production of smoked foods. Indoor smokers for residential use are designed to be used on hobs or in ovens; commercial indoor smokers are much larger and are a standalone appliance. Choosing the right type of smoker will depend on how often you intend to smoke your foods, how much space you have available and the type of smoked food production you would like to have.

Savu Smoker Bags

Savu Smoker Bags are designed for indoor oven use, for personal residential or family cooking. Made in Finland, these aluminium smoker bags keep the smoke inside the bag, so that the food receives maximum exposure to the smoke. This smoking bag is recommended by both the New York Times and Cook's Illustrated magazine. The bag tends to steam the food while smoking it, so a charred crust needs to be made after the smoking if desired. There is an option of either hickory chips or alder wood. Bags are single use.

Emerilware Cast Iron 4-in-1 Smoker

This smoker also works as a hob grill, a roaster and a broiling pan. As a smoker, it can be used either on the stove or in the oven. The smoker is made from cast iron and has excellent heat retention. However, it needs to be seasoned before use, and though wood chips are provided with the package, you are welcome to substitute any hard or fruit woods to your liking. This option has greater versatility than many of the other hob smokers; it can be used for cooking outdoors in camping or grilling situations. This smoker received a gold medal from Meathead's Product Reviews (Amazing Ribs website) as one of the best hob smokers available.

Fast Eddy's Smokers by Cookshack

This commercial indoor smoker received a gold medal from Meathead's Product Reviews. Often used by professional barbecue and smoking teams, Fast Eddy's Smokers have digital presets available for cooking time, temperature and holding temperature. This smoker can run off of a car's cigarette lighter socket or a marine battery, making it a good option for travelling cook teams, market or outdoor cooks and tailgating events.

Friedrich Metal Products: Max Flavor 400

Recommended by Amazing Ribs, this indoor commercial smoker is produced in the United States. Manufactured in North Carolina, this is from one of the oldest companies producing commercial cookware in the United States. There is a self-cleaning option available for the Max Flavor 400 model, which also uses wood chips. Wood chips allow chefs to mix and match different types of woods. Using wood chips also cuts down on storage space because logs are not needed. Wood chips allow for greater control over the amount of wood smoking at any point, which gives more control over heat, hot spots, air circulation and the overall amount of smoke generated.

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