Troubled Teen Boarding Schools

Updated July 20, 2017

Though many parents find it difficult to admit they need help with their children, they must realise they are not alone. The first step in saving a child from destructive behaviour is to seek professional help. There have been many short-term programs for troubled teens, often referred to as "wake-up calls" or "scared straight" interventions. In contrast to these, boarding schools offer a more long-term solution. Because there are many factors contributing to teenage delinquency, it is essential that parents choose the school best equipped to meet their child's needs.

Therapeutic Boarding Schools

Therapeutic boarding schools address negative behaviour to focus on the underlying issues. They offer strict behaviour modification, accredited education and intense therapy sessions. Most work with parents and siblings to provide constant support in helping troubled youth find their way back to a useful and fulfilling path. These programs can last anywhere from six to 14 months, depending on the child's needs.

Christian Boarding Schools

Christian boarding schools are mostly non-denominational, and based on Christian values. The schooling is designed around behaviour modification of teens---focusing on those in need of a second chance. They offer multiple therapeutic methods for behavioural health to include equine therapy, individual and group therapy, team exercises and even wilderness training. Their goal is to keep students on track academically with accredited schooling. Programs run on a semester basis.

Military Boarding Schools

Like regular schools, military boarding schools focus on academics, but combine curriculum with a military style of discipline. These programs offer no therapeutic component; however, they provide a highly effective method of teaching discipline, structure, leadership and team unity. The intent is to create a positive environment to boost a teen's self-worth and motivation, producing long-term results. These programs last 90 to 180 days and are designed to solve teen issues.

Residential Treatment Boarding School

According to the National Youth Network, students struggling with motivational and self-esteem issues are often prone to substance abuse, making it imperative for parents to seek help at the first sign of behaviour problems. These schools are similar to therapeutic schools, but also provide around-the-clock mental health care, counselling and treatment for substance abuse. To ensure long-term success, six months is the minimum recommended stay at a residential treatment boarding school.

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