Ideas for a Birthday Cake for a First Birthday

Updated November 21, 2016

A first birthday is a major milestone for a baby. While the baby might not fully understand what is going on, she will enjoy getting to eat a piece of her birthday cake. Many people opt to serve two cakes at a first birthday party. One large cake is cut and served to the guests while a smaller version, a so-called "smash cake," is for the birthday girl alone.

Number "1" Cake

Create a cake for a first birthday party that is shaped like the number "1." You can purchase a cake pan at a speciality baking store, craft store or online that is shaped like a "1, so all you have to do is pour in your batter and bake the cake. If you can't find an appropriate pan, simply bake a large rectangular sheet cake and carve the number out of it. If you want to create a smash cake, simply bake a smaller version of the big cake. Frost the cakes in colours that coordinate with the colours of the party. A nice final touch is to add sprinkles and candles shaped like the number "1."

Theme Cake

If your first birthday party has a theme, choose a cake that coordinates with it. For example, if you are throwing a princess party for a girl's first birthday, create a cake that is shaped like a tiara or is decorated with princesses. When you are planning a cake for a little boy's party, consider a cake shaped like a train or decorated with a variety of jungle animals.

Building Blocks

If you want to make the cake yourself, a simple choice is a cake that looks like a set of building blocks. Bake three cakes that are shaped like squares. Frost each of the square cakes in a different primary colour, such as red, blue and yellow. Place the cakes on a large cake platter with two below and one above, so when you look down at the cake it looks like they are stacked. Next, use a piping bag to pipe either A, B and C or 1, 2, and 3 on to the cakes.


Rather than choosing a traditional cake for the party, consider serving cupcakes. Bake a batch of cupcakes, and frost them with a colour that coordinates with the rest of the party. Next, roll fondant to about 1/8-in. thickness. Use cookie cutters to cut out fondant shapes to place on the top of the cupcakes. You could choose the number "1," a flower, an animal or anything else that coordinates with your party theme.

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