Fruit & Vegetable Ideas for Making Cars

Updated April 17, 2017

Kids love foods that look like animals, people and objects. You can get children to eat fruits and vegetables by turning the healthy treats into adorable-looking cars. All it takes is fruit, vegetables, toothpicks, cream cheese and some imagination. Kids will love the auto-themed snacks, and you'll love watching them gobble down the goodies. Some kids even enjoy racing edible cars. Just make them sturdy enough to roll down a ramp and have fun.

Cucumber Special

Make way for Mrs. Crunch and her cucumber minivan full of kids. Take a whole cucumber and make a large trench on the top for the cabin of the bus. Take a yellow squash and slice it into thick medallions for wheels. Attach the wheels with toothpicks or wooden skewers. To make people for the inside of the minivan, use cherry tomatoes and sliced, black olives. Using cream cheese as an edible adhesive, attach two black olive slices to each tomato for eyes. Line three or four cherry tomatoes in the cabin of the minivan, and prepare for a ride to Tummy Town.

Orange You Glad I'm Driving

Use oranges for this cute car by cutting out a large wedge for the car's cabin, about 1/4 of the orange. Slice limes into thick medallions for wheels and attach them with either toothpicks or wooden skewers. For people in the car, use strawberries with the tops sliced off. Place the flat top of the strawberry into the cabin of the orange car, and use toothpicks to attach them to the orange. Create eyes for the strawberries with chocolate chips and attach them with cream cheese. Have a sweet trip.

Peeling Out with Potatoes

Potatoes are great for edible veggie cars because you can carve them into shapes. These won't be edible if you want to race them, because they are sturdier when they're raw. If you just want the potato car for looks, go ahead and carve the shape you desire and then cook the potato in the microwave for a few minutes. When it's cooled, attach carrot slices for wheels using toothpicks. Insert a small piece of broccoli for the driver, and attach black olive slices with cream cheese to create eyes. It's one hot ride and one hot potato.


These cars are fun to create and fun to race. Only you can decide if you want your kids to eat them or if you'll allow them to play with their food. If your kids work together to come up with designs, the project becomes a lesson on team work. Check out what other people have created by looking online. You'll get ideas for designs, and you'll see that racing and eating these adorable cars is fun for kids young and old.

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