Masquerade Party Game Ideas

Updated February 21, 2017

Masquerade parties are popular ideas should you want to add some mystery (thanks to masked guests) or a little style to a party. Be it a party for children, or adults, there are a number of games you can play for your upcoming masquerade extravaganza. So if you are planning a masquerade party, or helping a friend plan hers, learning some games that you can partake in at the party can help make the gathering a success.

Mask Making

Mask making is a creative activity you can hold at your next party and even make into a fun competition. You can find plain white masks at most craft stores, then set out glitter and jewels, along with paints and glues for guests to use as decoration for their masks. Do contests and have guests vote on their favourite masks, like most inventive, most extravagant, scariest, and so on.

Guessing The Guest

Have guests come in full masks and play the guessing game. When guests arrive you can take their pictures with an instant camera, and hang pictures on a board. Guests can then write down who they think is behind each mask, and the one with the most correct guesses will be deemed the winner. This game is best played at the beginning of a party, so that guests don’t have to stay hidden all evening.

Costume Contest

Since masquerade parties are marked with extravagant masks and costumes, a costume contest can be a creative game to play. Guests can make their own costumes, or rent them if they can afford it. You could even assign each guest a theme for the costume, like good and evil, a masquerade angel or devil, colours for costumes, and so on. Guests can vote on favourite costume, most inventive, most creative and more.

Dancing Fun

A masquerade dancing competition is another idea for party games. Pair people off into couples and everyone can take turns trying their hand at a ballroom dance, or really any dance you decide. Or you can opt to do singles and have each person go up against each other by themselves to show off their moves.

Masquerade Treasure Hunt

Masquerade parties are popular festivities around Mardi Gras celebrations where guests collect beads and trinkets for fun. One idea for a game is to do a treasure hunt and have guests search the party for things like sparkly beads, other cheap costume jewellery, or even small gifts, decorative masquerade masks or even a bottle of fine wine. Or you could even do a contest and simply hide beads around the party, and at the end of the night whoever finds the most beads will win an award.

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