Birthday gifts for a one-year-old girl

Updated February 21, 2017

The first birthday is a milestone for the young honoree and her parents that celebrates the transition from a baby to a toddler. The growing girl no longer simply looks at baby toys but grasps them with her firm hands and plays with them. When selecting the most appropriate present for her birthday, give her one she and her parents will appreciate.


Give the birthday girl a basket or bag of clothes for her first birthday. Although she won't necessarily appreciate the present, her parents will welcome the addition to her wardrobe. Most 1-year-olds are crawling or learning to walk, so they stain their clothes in different areas, requiring frequent changes. Remember to inform the birthday girl's parents of your decision to give her clothes for her birthday so they can suggest the most appropriate size, because some 12-month-old girls fit better into slightly larger or smaller sizes. Add the receipt in the gift bag so the parents can exchange the items of clothing in the store, if necessary. Alternatively, give the parents of the girl prepaid gift tokens or vouchers to a local clothing store so they buy their princess apparel of their choice.

Games and Interactive Toys

A 1-year-old girl will appreciate a noisemaker toy with sounds, lights and movement that captures her attention. A toy that clings, beeps, moves, features captivating lights and plays music will keep the little one entertained for hours on end. Alternatively, consider giving the young recipient a musical pop-up book or an educational toy that plays nursery rhymes, animal sounds, alphabets or numbers if her parents are against noisemaker toys.

Development Toys

Give the little birthday girl a toy that develops a skill, such as walking or keeping her balance. Get a push toy that keeps her balance, reduces accidents and encourages her to gain confidence so she walks more. Alternatively, give her hard or soft toys in bright colours that she grasps easily. Toys such as rings, cups or blocks help develop eye-hand coordination and encourage creativity as she learns to balance and stack them.

Feeding Items

Give the 1-year-old girl a basket filled with assorted pink crockery and cutlery to celebrate her dietary independence and expanded diet that includes different types of finger foods along with milk. Include plastic spoons, cups, plates, forks bowls and trays in the gift basket to encourage the little one to use her cutlery during mealtimes while sitting with the family.

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