What Are Easy Persuasive Speech Topics?

Updated April 17, 2017

The goal of a persuasive speech is to change the beliefs or actions of listeners. Craft an informative speech into a persuasive one by presenting the audience with compelling research, as well as believable and convincing arguments. Controversial topics often appear in persuasive speeches.


Health issues and struggles can be compelling topics for a persuasive speech. For example, in speeches about quitting smoking, losing weight or receiving cancer prevention screenings, effective delivery can persuade listeners to change behaviour. Incorporating good storytelling techniques and personal experiences with health topics can make a speech more convincing and can put the audience members in the speaker's shoes. A person detailing his attempts to quit smoking, for example, might allow the audience to fully understand the issue. Including credible research and statistics on health can make a speech more effective.

Social Issues

Poverty, illegal drug use, immigration and other social topics might appeal to the emotions of listeners, thus making good topics for a persuasive speech. As is the case with many matters related to social issues, these topics tend to be controversial and divisive. Controversial topics are a logical starting point for a persuasive speech, but an effective delivery requires a strong argument and support. Speakers often use official research, statistics, books and example to persuade listeners on one side of a divisive issue.


Often, persuasive speeches seek to solicit financial or volunteer assistance for an individual or organisation. In persuading people to donate money, present needs, circumstances and stories. However, not all listeners are persuaded in the same way, and not all donations are made in the same form. Depending on the needs of the individual or organisation, highlight the most relevant reasons for giving (which include tax break benefits and the feeling of satisfaction, among other benefits). In addition, focus on what type of donation the organisation or individual needs.


Persuasive speeches in technology often closely resemble advertising, and may contain many of the same techniques as a sales pitch. Telling audience members why they need the latest gadget, how it will improve their lives and how it will save them time and money can persuade listeners to purchase or try a product. Persuasive speeches on technology might include demonstrations to show people how products work in an effort to increase sales. If using a product, test it out several times to ensure proper functioning and to prevent problems in the delivery of the speech.

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