Packing checklist for a weekend trip

Updated February 21, 2017

Weekend getaways are often imperative to escape reality and spend a few days relaxing before it is back to your daily life. Even though the trip is a short one, it still requires luggage packed with everything you need for a few days away from home. What you pack depends on what you plan on doing, where you plan on going and your own personal necessities. Once you've considered these factors you can take some of the stress out of packing by making a checklist of things you need to include in your luggage.


Take into consideration the time of year it is and your destination before you begin making your checklist. The weather affects the items you include on your checklist; you don't need your heavy boots to spend a weekend at the beach in June. Since your trip is only for the weekend you only need to pack a few items for each day of your trip, but they must be weather appropriate. Spring, summer and fall getaways should include at least one light sweater, pair of trousers and a light coat; it is common to have cooler evenings during this time of year.

Clothes for Daytime

Make a list of things you need to wear during your weekend away. If you are headed to the beach include swimming costumes, cover-ups, flip flops, hats, sunglasses and beach totes. Sundresses, shorts, capri pants and shirts are also necessities. For a weekend in the snow, pack what you need to keep warm: long underwear, gloves, scarves, hats and a parka. Clothes that keep moisture out are also important to have in the snow. Pack enough of everything to get you through each day, evening and an extra outfit for each occasion just in case you spill or tear something.


Even though you need your toothbrush and deodorant on any weekend getaway, regardless of the destination or the weather you need to include this information on your packing checklist so you don't accidentally leave it behind. If you are a contact lens wearer or you wear prescription glasses be sure to include those items on your list. Include contraception, toiletries, cosmetics, battery chargers for cameras and phones, any medications you take regularly and any personal needs items you can't live without even for just a few days.

Clothes for Evenings

Even if you don't have any plans to attend a formal or dressy dinner or party while you still must pack appropriately for evenings. At the beach, it's generally acceptable to wear sundresses or shorts and T-shirts to dinner but you should consider that you may want to go somewhere that requires a little more effort. Include a dressy pair of sandals, a pair of khaki trousers and a polo shirt just in case. If you're going somewhere a little more on the high-end side you can keep your luggage to a minimum by ensuring all of your evening clothes go with one handbag and pair of shoes. Use your jewellery or necktie to make your outfits look different each night.

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