The best steam carpet cleaners

Updated March 23, 2017

Steam cleaning your carpet does more than just clean. It also enhances the air quality in your home and increases the longevity of your carpet. The best steam carpet cleaners do a good job cleaning, and are also easy enough to manoeuvre for most anyone. Ease of cleaning the equipment afterward makes a difference, too.

Professional Cleaners

Hiring a professional to steam clean your carpets still means looking for the best steam carpet cleaner. "Consumer Reports" said that Stanley Steemer is the best. Not only did it outperform other professional services, it did the best job cleaning carpets overall, including removing dirt and tough stains. The top choice in rentals is Rug Doctor's Mighty Pro, though it is rather bulky to manoeuvre and isn't rated as highly as some of the store-bought units.

Brand Names

Overall, experience does make a difference and often goes hand-in-hand with longevity. Hoover is consistently named by professional reviewers and product testers when searching for the best steam carpet cleaners. Bissel is another name that also comes up regularly. Both are usually on the most expensive end of the scale.

Best Models

Hoover Platinum Collection, models F8100900 and F7412900 are both named among the best by Bestcovery and by Good Housekeeping. Powerful cleaning, versatile attachments and ease of filling and emptying are some of the reasons. Bissel's 9500 ProHeat 2X CleanShot Deep Cleaner and ProHeat 2X Healthy Home Deep Cleaner also make the list. Effective cleaning, fast drying time, ease of handling and cleaning the unit, and spot cleaning ability stand out for these.

Best for the Job

These steam carpet cleaners are rated as the best for high traffic areas and for heavy duty cleaning, generally ranging in price between about £195 and £260 as of 2011. They lift dirt from the carpet and extract the cleaning water, or even pick up spills, leaving the carpet fresh without too much drying time. Other, less expensive models are also available for light cleaning in low traffic areas without much dirt, or for spot cleaning specific areas with stains or spills.

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