Uses for Pascalite Clay

Updated November 22, 2016

A cream-coloured clay composed of calcium bentonite and montmorillonite, pascalite clay is found in the Big Horn Mountains of Wyoming. Taken orally or externally, pascalite clay can be used on its own in powdered or capsule form, or mixed into a paste to draw out harmful substances from the body.

All-Purpose Powder

Pascalite may be sprinkled on food in powdered form, or added to beverages. It is used as a digestive aid, colon cleanser and ulcer reliever. For bowel upset, take 1 tsp of pascalite in water, a half hour before meals. You may use 3 tsp of powdered pascalite clay twice a day.

Tooth Powder

Acting as a painkiller, pascalite clay can be applied to the tooth and gums for toothaches. It can be used as a dentifrice by applying it to a wet toothbrush or placing 1/2 tsp in a small amount of water to brush and rinse the teeth.

Dietary Supplement Capsules

High in minerals, pascalite clay may be taken as a nutritional supplement. Containing elements that are essential for life, such as silicon, iron, calcium, magnesium, chromium and copper, the clay also contains elements that have not been proven to be essential, such as gallium, barium and nickel. Silica is a forgotten mineral that is found in collagen, hair, skin and nails. Those who live in areas with soft water may have magnesium deficiency. The magnesium found in pascalite clay, together with other minerals, can help regulate the digestive system and prevent constipation; with calcium it prevents kidney stones; and it helps to regulate blood sugar.

Facial Treatment & Poultice

Mix powdered pascalite and water into a medium-thick paste and apply to the face to draw out impurities and tighten the skin. Let it dry on the face, and then rinse off.

Skin Ointment

Mixed together with water, pascalite clay can be applied topically to alleviate burns, acne, skin rashes, boils and insect bites. For burn victims, pascalite clay relieves pain and does not leave blisters.

Soap and Deodorant

The magnesium oxide in pascalite clay helps to pull impurities to the surface and works as an effective cleanser. As a deodorant, pascalite may be used either dry or wet.

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