Proper Placement for a Toilet Paper Holder

Updated February 21, 2017

The proper placement of a toilet paper holder is essential to the comfort of the rest room. Attaching the toilet paper dispenser too close to the toilet is cumbersome and awkward, too far and it is difficult to reach. Likewise, securing the holder too high or too low will also interfere with the comfort of the fixture. The type of holder used will determine its placement and you should always mark the position and test it before attaching the fixture permanently to the wall.

Recessed and Wall-Mounted

Attach a wall-mounted toilet paper holder within easy reach of the toilet, but avoid mounting it too close to avoid crowding the user. These toilet paper holders can be mounted to the wall or to a cabinet beside the toilet, typically 23 inches from the floor and about five inches in front of the toilet.


The appeal of a freestanding toilet paper holder is that it can be placed anywhere in the room. Set the stand in front of the toilet or in a corner behind the toilet. Set smaller stands on the vanity or cabinet within reach of the toilet.


A novelty toilet paper holder is often larger than a standard holder, so it must be hung higher on the wall. Hang this type of holder in the same manner as a wall-mounted holder, using the tissue dispenser area to determine the location. The tissue dispenser should rest about 23 inches from the floor and five inches or more from the front of the toilet. Freestanding novelty toilet paper dispensers can be placed anywhere on the floor.

Special Considerations

When the toilet paper holder is used by individuals with disabilities, children or elderly, adjust the attachment of the dispenser appropriately, so that the tissue is within easy reach. Speciality children's toilets are lower than standard toilets, so the toilet paper holder should be installed lower than a standard holder. Safety bars or other speciality devices around the toilet may dictate where the holder must be installed or the type of holder used.

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