Ideas for an 11-Year-Old Boy's Birthday Party

Updated March 29, 2017

Although your 11-year-old son has grown out of the balloon and ice cream parties he once enjoyed, the theme of his party should not be mature beyond his years. Finding the perfect balance can be difficult task for any parent. Many 11-year- old boys are full of energy, so his birthday party should be filled with entertainment and age-appropriate activities that he and his friends will enjoy.

Beach Party

If you live by the beach and the weather is good, take the party outdoors to make the most of the nice weather. Pack some snacks and drinks that will keep the boys' energy levels up throughout the day. From sporting games such as frisbee to larking around with Super Soakers or splashing in the sea, there are lots of activities to keep 11-year-olds entertained. Remember to take some sun screen that the boys can reapply after swimming to protect them from sunburn.

Camp Out

Give your son's party a sense of adventure by taking him and his friends to a local campground. Pitching tents, toasting marshmallows, playing cards or making up stories around the campfire will keep the boys entertained until late into the evening. Keep the guest list small and take at least one other adult so that you can adequately supervise. If your budget will not stretch to a local campground, let the boys camp out in the back garden if there is sufficient space.

Bowling Party

Plan a group activity that he can enjoy with friends, such as bowling, for his 11th birthday. Lots of bowling alleys offer party packages that include several games of bowling, arcade-machine tokens or snacks in the fast-food restaurant, so check ahead before booking. Bowling is a structured activity that will keep the boys entertained without their becoming bored.

Gaming Marathon

If the weather is poor, plan an indoor gaming marathon. Set up a games console such as the Wii or PlayStation 3 that features a range of games to encourage a party atmosphere, like those that involve karaoke or interactive sports games. When the boys become tired, offer party food such as pizza and fries for a birthday treat. To give the party more structure, organise a gaming tournament so that one person is eventually crowned the champion. A day of video gaming is sure to delight any 11-year-old boy.

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